Vedic Wedding

We offer to conduct the sacred rites of the Vedic Wedding, giving full explanation of the mantra, the rituals, and the process.

An evening of understanding called, ‘Ivalyou Evening’ could be planned close to the wedding evening. Ivalyou means, “I value you”. This sentiment is explored, immersed in and allowed to be infused by the couple-to-be-wed, either themselves or accompanied with very close friends and relatives from both the sides. This is an opportunity to understand and engage with each other even better. If desired, synastry between the two is explored and understood through their individual astrological charts. This gives insights into each other’s minds, their individual aspirations and expectations, their strengths and weaknesses, and their ultimate life-purposes. It explores how can each interweave and integrate into the other’s life, truly becoming a couple – a singular noun. Ivalyou can be planned as a very detailed process and can begin several days or weeks in advance of the actual wedding day.