Vedic Astrology

What is Vedic Astrology?

Vedic Astrology is an ancient Vedic tool to gain insight into one’s life’s journey and foretell one’s future life-events. It is based upon the interpretation of the position planets and stellar constellations at the time of one’s birth as well as the relative changes in their position that continually occur due to their constant motion in their orbits.

What does a consultation in Vedic Astrology comprise?

A consultation in Vedic Astrology comprises:

  1. Receiving the birth data from the client.
  2. Creating a birth horoscope or birth chart also known as janma-kundali, using a software program. This chart gives the position of planets and constellations at the time of birth. Birth being the starting point of one’s journey on Earth, the birth chart offers an insight into the opening balance of one’s reservoir of active karma that one is born with including pre-natal memories, sub-conscious impressions (sanskaar), compelling agenda for this life including karmic- debts and purpose of life.
  3. Creating a horary horoscope of the moment of meeting the client, also known as hora-kundali or prashna-kundali. This is based upon the current moment that the client is in. In effect, it gives the current closing balance of karma, when studied in reference to one’s birth horoscope. It is used for gaining specific insights into the present situation the client is in – current challenges and possible solutions in the short and medium term (0-5 years). It is used to answer the specific questions of the client.
  4. Interpreting the birth chart to gain insights into the client’s life, and to predict possible events in the future.
  5. Explaining to the client, the overall impression of her/ his life, seen as a whole.
  6. Conversing with the client to gain a better understanding of his/ her life, including attitude-behaviour-people-event patterns and co-relating this understanding to the combined planetary positions given in one’s birth and horary horoscope.
  7. Answering specific questions that the client has.
  8. Advising the client regarding future events, course-correction if any, enabling action-steps to take, and astro-spiritual remedies, if necessary.
  9. Noting the key points on paper during personal consultation, which is handed over to the client. During Skype/ phone consultation, the clients are advised to make their own notes. Some clients prefer to record the conversation for future reference.
How long does a consultation in Vedic astrology last?

A consultation in Vedic astrology normally lasts between 60 – 90 minutes. Sometimes, it could take several hours to go into great details of one’s horoscope and one’s life or several related horoscopes.

What details are needed to create a birth horoscope?

Date of birth
As per the standard English calendar, not the Hindu, Chinese or any other calendar.

Time of birth
Mention the time of birth as close to the correct time as possible; incase time of birth is not known, find out whether you were born in the morning, afternoon, evening, or night time; if nothing is known, mention ‘not known’- there are other methods in astrology to predict your future and answer your queries.

Place of birth
If you are born in a remote village which is not so well known, mention the name of the town nearest to that village.

What is the scope of discussion during a consultation?

The scope of discussion comprises the whole of one’s life. A detailed discussion on each and every aspect can take a few hours. Hence, that aspect of life which is of highest interest in the current moment forms the central theme of discussion during a consultation. The birth horoscope is divided in 12 houses comprising 12 distinct aspects of life that forms the scope of astrology:

House 1: It is known as the Ascendant or the Lagna. It signifies the self, one’s nature, personality, etc.

House 2: It signifies family, income, early age, etc.

House 3: It signifies younger siblings, communication, travels, self-efforts, education, documents, etc.

House 4: It signifies the mother, the home, immovable property, vehicles, happiness, old age, mental inclination to study, etc.

House 5: It signifies children, love affairs, higher education, past-life, pleasures, artistic inclination, games, shares, speculation, learning and wisdom, mantra and spiritual practices, etc.

House 6: It signifies diseases and illnesses, difficulties and challenges, legal matters, employment, debts, employees and servants, competition and enemies, thefts and losses, etc.

House 7: It signifies marriage, spouse, partnerships and collaborations of all types, etc.

House 8: It signifies death, mystic quest, sex, secret affairs, legacies and inheritance, property of partner, etc.

House 9: It signifies spiritual life, grace, philosophy, Guru or spiritual preceptor, religion, religious places, previous karma, foreign lands, destiny (bhagya), etc.

House 10: It signifies the father, one’s profession, business, recognition and fame, etc.

House 11: It signifies elder siblings, gains, profits, friends, public life, fulfillment of desires, etc.

House 12: It signifies sleep, pleasure of bed, imprisonments and confinements, expenditure, loss, occult studies, self-realization, residence in foreign lands, etc.

How is Vedic Astrology different from Western Astrology?

There are several differences between Vedic and Western astrology. The fundamental difference is that Vedic astrology considers the true positions of the stellar constellations (nakshatra) as they are today, while Western astrology uses a fixed position as they were several thousand years ago. The axis of the Earth tilts backwards by 1 degree in 75 years, thus shifting 30 degrees backwards in about 2250 years. Some scholars take this to be 2150 years or 2148 years. A well-known story is about Jesus being born while the ‘Passover’ was being celebrated. This Passover was the shift of the Earth’s axis from the Aries to Pisces sign. Hence, there is a predominance of fishes in the New Testament and its religious symbology. Fishes signify the Pisces sign. We are moving now closer to the Passover into Aquarius sign, also known as the age of the Aquarius, in about one hundred years. Some believe that we have entered the age of Aquarius with the end of the Mayan calendar on December 21st, 2012. Vedic astrology factors this Earth’s orbital precession in its calculation. This fact is also accepted by NASA. But the Western astrologers have yet not modified their methods of calculation. Thus, there is a difference of 23 degrees or 23 days, where the Vedic zodiac is behind the Western zodiac. The Vedic sun sign is often one sign behind the Western sun sign.

How can Vedic Astrology help in resolving one’s life’s issues and challenges?

Vedic Astrology can help in resolving one’s life’s issues and challenges in some of the following ways:

  1. One gains a deeper understanding of one’s problem and its wider context. This understanding itself is healing and empowering in nature.
  2. One is able to see clearly what choices lead to which consequences. This helps in making healthier choices for the future, including shuffling of one’s priorities.
  3. Predictions about one’s future comforts oneself if they are desirable and progressive. In case of challenges, foresight helps one to prepare for those challenges better.
  4. For marriage or partnership, astrology can provide a deeper insight into the other person’s character, nature, trustworthiness, etc. helping thereby in making choices or in accepting and readjusting the terms of the relationship.
  5. In case of illnesses, astrology helps in diagnosis as well as prognosis. This can help with insights, when combined with regular medical process of diagnosis and advice. Astrology can be used to predict the tendency of one’s illnesses much in advance, thereby helping in prevention, which is always better than cure. This branch of astrology is known as Medical Astrology.
  6. Elective astrology or muhurta helps in choosing an auspicious and astrologically beneficial day for important events like marriage, surgery, partnership agreements, starting a new business, shifting into a new home or office, starting a new job, laying the foundation of a new house, important travels, etc.
  7. Choosing the name of one’s baby or new business, which is resonant with one’s stellar energy, greatly enhances success and overall harmony.
  8. Astro-spiritual remedies help to mitigate the impact of challenges one faces. They work like an umbrella when it is raining – one’s feet may get wet, but one reaches one’s home fairly dry and possibly having enjoyed the rains!
  9. Choice of mantra and spiritual practices are advised to those who are seeking the same.
  10. Sharing one’s challenges and life story with a patient astrologer is a healing experience on its own.
How can destiny be changed through one’s efforts arising out of free-will?
  1. Firstly, one must arrive at an understanding that one’s life is a train of one’s choices and their consequences, causes and effects. These are also influenced and impacted by the choices of others around us as well as choices made by the collective mind, and their consequences. This understanding brings empowerment and responsibility for one’s life.
  2. One must also understand that one carries forward the momentum of consequences of one’s choices made in previous life times. This force is also known as the force of destiny or prarabdha karma.
  3. So, what one is experiencing is a resultant consequence of one’s prarabdha karma, i.e. choices made in last lifetime, one’s kriyaman karma or choices made in the current life including the current moment, and samyukta karma, or the choices made by others and the collective mind.
  4. Planets do not control one’s life or destiny, they merely reflect the journey of life as a grand cosmic mirror. Planets are not the cause of what one is experiencing in life, they are only instruments of reflection and possible guidance. Similarly, God or any other divine being does not ‘write’ our destiny, just as the sea does not write the destiny of a wave. Our destiny is solely written by us. “You are the author of your destiny”. This must become one’s firm understanding and belief.
  5. Secondly, one must gain a deeper and wider understanding of one’s station in life, at all the dimensions – oneself, family, work, finances, health, aspirations, attitudes and values, conditionings and patterns, experiences, learning, emotional baggage, etc.
  6. Thirdly, one must plan and take firm steps towards a future full of possibilities. One must not project the limitations of one’s past upon one’s future. Rather, one must build a future out of the infinite possibilities that the future has to offer under the loving gaze of the conspiring Universe! It is only through a healthy change in one’s inner attitude towards one’s life and taking fir steps forward that one shall be successful in writing a new destiny for oneself, over time.
How do astro-spiritual remedies help?

Astro-spiritual remedies generate a subtle force that accompanies oneself in mitigating one’s challenges and smoothening one’s path ahead, at all levels. These remedies must be based upon one’s firm faith in them and taking necessary actions within one’s direct control. These two are as important as the remedies.

How do gemstones help?

Gemstones are crystals of different density and chemistry. They refract the light waves of a particular frequency , densify the same through multiple inner reflections, before finally passing the same on to the body of the one who is wearing it. This injection of a particular frequency of energy creates a subtle shift in the quantum energy field of the person. This shift in turn spurs a chain of shifts and responses at a subtle level. Gemstones are advised according to one’s birth horoscope. Each has to be worn in a particular finger on a particular day, preferably after being energised through a ritual and mantra chanting. Such a gemstone creates a subtle shift in the energy field of the client, helping in manifestation of desired events and people, speeding the healing process, helping in conception of a child, or enabling success in examinations or business, and much more.

What are the benefits of using Vedic Astrology as a tool?

Vedic Astrology enables you to wake-up to yourself. It is a tool for pre-sensing, pre-seeing and envisioning. There are several benefits of using Vedic Astrology as a tool. Some of them are given below:

  • Provides answers to your life questions regarding people, events and places – what, when, how, why, where
  • Provides guidance on your future action
  • Provides understanding of your past leading into the present – why are you going through what you are going through
  • Provides a deeper understanding of your nature, psychological, emotional and karmic constitution
  • Provides insights on your subconscious and unconscious mind
  • Enables a better understanding of your innate strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats
  • Enables a better understanding of your health, possible areas of concerns, prognosis of disease conditions, areas of concern, correction and prevention of illness
  • Enables a better understanding of your work/ business, your choice of business areas and realigning or restructuring your current business
  • Enables better understanding of future trends – periods of tail-wind (ease of sailing through opportunities) and head-wind (challenges) as you sail across the sky of your life
  • Offers insights in the cases of problem-solving and conflict management/ resolution
  • Enables guided navigation when you find yourself in a desert-patch of your life – not knowing which way to go
  • Enables the understanding of the purpose of your life
  • Provides guidance on your spiritual path, choice of practices, mantra, mystic and sacred places to visit, etc.
  • Recommendations of gemstones, metals, favourable colours, days, numbers, sounds, names etc.
  • Facilitation in dialogue with one’s partner, friend, colleague, or guide
  • Helping in one’s inner dialogue as a catalyst
  • Understanding one’s family’s dynamics
  • One’s travels
  • One’s properties
  • One’s children
  • One’s life-partner
  • One’s wealth and debts
  • One’s challenges / enemies
  • Understanding oneself in relationship with the macro-cosmos or the Universe at the planetary and stellar dimension
  • And many more, not possible to render into words
  • FAQs

    How accurate as a tool is Vedic astrology? Are the predictions reliable?
    Vedic astrology as a predictive tool is 100% accurate. However, it is true that the predictions made by an astrologer are not ‘always’ accurate. Why? Many texts of Vedic astrology have been destroyed over thousands of years. Some were lost in time, and most were simply burnt or destroyed by the invaders. Nalanda university, the oldest university established in the 5th century CE, had an immense library of ancient manuscripts. This was burnt down by Bhaktiyar Khilji in c. 1200 CE. Similarly, texts of the ancient Nadi astrology were destroyed by the British. Only some of these manuscripts remain and the science of astrology was recreated based on what was available and what was preserved in the oral tradition. Secondly, there is a need for serious and academically brilliant students to opt for studying astrology in order to create astrologers with intelligence, knowledge of the science and intuitive sharpness. With the current knowledge and expertise, accuracy of predictions varies from astrologer to astrologer depending upon his/her knowledge, length of experience, intuitive sharpness and the amount of time and engagement with the particular horoscope under study. On an average, the predictions have accuracy between 70%-90%. When such a prediction is understood in one’s context of life, it serves as a useful tool towards making a choice regarding the next steps or planning a project in the future.
    How can I book and appointment for consultation?
    – Book through this website – OR Whatsapp or SMS on mobile number 919582260744 (Please do not call to make an appointment) – OR write an email on – Or write into the message box given under ‘Contact’ button on this webpage – State your Name, date of birth, time of birth and place of birth. If time of birth is not known, mention it as unknown or preferably give an approximate time of birth. Try to find out the most approximate time from your relatives. Even stating morning/ afternoon/ evening/ night helps. – State your place of current residence and your contact details- mobile number or email address. – Pay the fee in advance based on the amount of consultation time you desire.

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