Vaastu Shastra

What is Vaastu-shastra (the Science of Vaastu)?

Vaastu-shastra or Vaastu-science is an ancient Vedic traditional science of building living spaces including temples. Vaastu-shastra considers the spatial orientation of a building with respect to the magnetic grid of the Earth as well as the path of the Sun across the local sky. It also considers the soil type, the local flora and fauna, objects, neighbourhood, gradient of slope, water bodies, underground streams, design of roads and path ways around the grounds. At advanced levels, Vaastu-shastra also accounts for bio-thermal energy grids in the Earth as well as the astrological horoscope of the owners / residents of the living space. This is also known as Astro-Vaastu.

How is a Vaastu-consultation carried out?

Vaastu-consultation is carried in the following way:

  1. On a convenient day and time, the consultant physically visits the site of the property. A ground plan or a floor plan of the property helps a lot in understanding the spatial orientation and directional co-ordinates of the property.
  2. Based upon the information collected at the site, and discussions with the client, he/she is advised some changes to enhance the flow of energy in that living space.
  3. Sometimes, when a physical visit to the site of the property is not possible, the client visits the consultant’s office with a ground plan of the site, or emails the same. Within the limitations, the client is advised based upon the best understanding that is possible through the drawing.
  4. Before commencing a building, Vaastu-consultant can advise the architect regarding suggested zones for creating different living spaces like bedroom, kitchen, entrance, stairs, store room, etc.
What are the benefits of using the Science of Vaastu as a tool?
  1. The living space is oriented and harmonized with the Earth’s magnetic grid and the Sun’s path over the property. This harmonization brings subtle shifts in the flow of life-energy also known as prana or ch’i.
  2. This harmonization leads to infusion of harmony into one’s life, in general, leading to :
    • Better health and wellness
    • Speedier healing
    • Harmonious relationships
    • Children gaining more concentration in studies
    • Higher efficiency at work
    • Enhancement of abundance
    • Removal of unforeseen obstacles
    • A better feel and flow of life
    • Other benefits
What are the remedies within the scope of Vaastu?

The main remedies in the scope of Vaastu-shastra are:

  • Change in usage of a space: Example, shifting one’s bedroom to another room, if this is possible
  • Change in colours – walls/ upholstery/ bed-linen, etc.
  • Change in position of mirrors, if possible
  • Change in position of furniture / TV/ study-table, etc. if possible
  • Placement of fountains / water-bodies- both indoors as well as indoors
  • Placement of plants – both green and flowering
  • Structural changes, if possible
  • Installation of metal wires and plates to redirect the energy flow
  • Installation of pre-energised yantra or mystic geometrical motifs, where faith permits
  • Fire offerings (havan) and mantra- chanting (anushthan), where faith permits
  • Other remedies
How long does a Vasstu-consultation last?

A Vaastu-consultation can take from 90 minutes to several hours, depending upon the size, location, and state of the property.

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