Living Hanumān

A journey from a selfie to the Self through Shri Hanuman Chalisa

The book is a contemporary commentary on Śhrī Hanumān Chālīsā in about 900 pages. The book purports to bring forward the unified stream of various world religions and wisdom traditions to present Śrī Hanumāna as a religion-neutral, inclusive consciousness. He is expressed as a metaphor for Prāṇa or breath-life force, which is common to all. The text is fully inter folded with references to the Vedic texts like the Gītā, the Upaniśhads, the Yogasūtra; to the texts of the Islamic and other traditions; to latest available knowledge of western psychology and sciences as well as to the current social scenario. The seeker-reader is invited to an in-journey to oneself aided with over 200 questions enabling this selflogue. The book attempts to lead the readers into discovering Śhrī Hanumān within the ambit of their personal experience as their own conscious-self, beginning with an awareness of Him as one’s very breath. Each verse is followed by its simple translation, in verse. This is followed by an in-depth commentary of the purport of the verse and a possible syncretic vision that allows universal appeal. This book is intended to infuse learning into the seeker-reader as well as enable an all- inclusive worldview. Just as Śhrī Hanumān served Śhrī Sītā, who was none other than Mother Earth herself, seeker-readers are inspired to serve the Earth with all Her Beings.

The In-Journey, below each verse, is a suggestion of how the verse could be used to address certain aspects of the inner journey of the seeker–reader. These are questions that a seeker-reader may ask as a CEO of his/her own life. The In-point recapitulates the essence of the verse which can be held in the mind as a central point during the course of the day. HIM*-Meditation is a suggestion for contemplation that seeker–readers can use to deepen their experience about the verse. This can form a part of daily reflection, contemplation and meditation. One may read a verse daily and contemplate upon its essence and application in one’s life. Under some verses, Yoga mentions yoga-postures that can be practiced along with an awareness of the import of that verse. The emphasis is on consciously harnessing the awareness of Śhrī Hanumān being in oneself, or Śhrī Hanumān simply being the very self, one is. This is the essence of the hymn of the Chālīsā as it concludes (Doha-3).

*HIM is an acronym for ‘Hanumān in/is Me’. Hanumān can be substituted with He (He in/is Me) as referring to the Supreme Being, or it can be substituted by Happiness (Happiness in/is Me), if the seeker wishes so.