Living Applied Spirituality

We live in an age of information deluge. We are floating in information and almost all of us have converted enough of these information into knowledge and some, even into personal wisdom. Yet, most of us feel empty inside, quite purposeless at times, especially if we think of ourselves minus the stories of job or relationships or dreams we are filled with. It is time to apply the wisdom learnt, practice what will make us peaceful and happy, connected and whole.

Programs in Applied Spirituality are designed to inspire and sustain the application of pearls of learning. The Vedic traditional wisdom and Yoga philosophy form the core of the program. These are designed to be light on content, but rich in experience that leads to a sustainable personal practice. Some of the themes are:

  • YOU : Yoga of Uncovering
  • Yoga of Dishwashing
  • Yoga of Ironing the Clothes
  • Wholeness is Happiness
  • Ivalyou (meaning, “I value you”)
  • SLI’ M- “So, Light I’m”: An inside-out approach to slimming
  • Mindful or Mindless – to be or not to be

Program outline and content can be given on request. The duration of these programs can be evening-long, weekend-long, or of a week or even longer. Programs can be planned around a journey to a sacred place, a nature walk, or a cruise, not only for groups, but also bespoke programs for couples or individuals, where the guide accompanies them.

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