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AstroshreeA-81, Sector-26
Near Kailash Hospital,
Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301

Call/ SMS/ WhatsApp :

+91 9582260744 / +91 9811035355

Landline number
(Only when available in office) :

+91 120 4280558

Email Address : ( for consultations) ( for the book Living Hanuman – comments/ Q&A )

  • Arrive until Kailash Hospital
  • On the opposite side of the road, you shall see Gate number 13 into Sector-26
  • Enter Gate number 13
  • After about 30 meters, take the first right turn
  • Arrive at the second house on your right, in front of a park. This is A-81.
  • Park your car in the empty parking spot if you find one, else, drive a bit ahead to find a suitable parking spot.