Astro-spiritual Remedies

Astro-spiritual remedies help in accelerating the fruition of desired results. These can be used as a support in most circumstances.

For example:
  • Delay in marriage or inability to find a life-partne
  • Regaining love from one’s beloved or partner
  • Child birth
  • Resolving family conflicts
  • Gaining favourable position in legal matters
  • Resolving financial crises, and debts
  • Disputed or delayed property matters or legacy
  • Other complex issues of life
These remedies work more effectively where they are backed up with faith and trust and not in cases of fear, anxiety, disbelief, sarcasm, and cynicism. We offer full services for carrying out these remedies. We provide duly energized gems, pundits for japa, puja, havan and anushthan, and all the related services. We offer special puja on behalf of our clients (yajamaan) at special sacred places like Gaya, Kashi, Rameshwaram, Triambakeshwar, Badrinath, etc. The presence of the client is not necessary, in case the client is unable to come for compelling reasons like ill health, or lack of time or opportunity.

One of the following remedies are usually recommended:

  • Gems – precious and semi-precious
  • Pooja, Yagya-havan, Anushthaan (ritual worship, fire oblations, commissioned chanting of mantra)
  • Mantra (mystic syllables) - advice and chanting
  • Yantra (sacred geometry and mystic talisman)
  • Planet- based other remedies
  • Pitri-pooja (oblations to one’s ancestors)
  • Kaal-sarp pooja (ritual worship for easing the grasp of Time)
  • Other mystic remedies

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