About Us

Astroshree is made of the two words which express our service offering. These two words are – Astro and Shree.

Astro stands for Vedic Astrology. We provide consultations in Vedic Astrology, Vaastu-science, and Astro-spiritual remedies.
Shree stands for Shreelogy or Shree-vidya or Kinetic Wisdom. We offer life-coaching and mentoring to individuals as well as specially designed flowgrams (a distant equivalent of a classical ‘program’) for individuals, groups, therapists, and business organizations.

We also offer flowgrams in Kinetic Wisdom for groups and organizations.

Vedic Astrology
Vedic Astrology is an ancient tool that enables an insight to one’s life patterns, strengths and weaknesses, life’s potential and purpose. It offers foresight into the future, which is used for prognosis of life’s events and possible ways to mitigate the undesirable experience and enhance the desirable outcomes.
Vaastu-science (shastra) is again an ancient Vedic tool to understand the space one lives in – home, office, shop, restaurant, or factory. It enables understanding of the current orientation of the living space with the overall geo-magnetic field of the Earth, as well as to the solar energy grid, described by the movement of the Sun around that space. Re-orientation of space and corrections if necessary lead to much higher experience of health, overall wellness, harmonized relationships, higher efficiencies, and higher progress – personally, professionally and financially.
Astro-spiritual remedies are derived out of the integrated injunctions of the rich Vedic tradition along with the realities of the modern day living conditions and resources available. These are based on commissioned mantra-chanting by qualified Brahmin priests, fire-offerings, use of gems, various forms of charity and personal practices, amongst others. These remedies alleviate one’s current pains and sufferings, and help in achieving one’s desired goals in life – whether in education, in profession and business, health, legal matters, partnerships, travels, marriage , relationships or other aspects of life.
Life-coaching and Mentoring are based upon the tradition of Yoga-psychology and Vedic philosophy, applied to the insights derived from one’s astrological horoscope and the current stage in one’s life journey. These need mutual trust, a longer commitment of time and a close communication between the mentee and the mentor. Life-coaching is more general in nature, letting the clients apply the learning in their life. Mentoring is a more engaging process where the clients are hand-held on day-to-day basis, helping them to apply their specific learning into their life-situations, thereby gaining confidence and a sense of control.
Programs in Applied Spirituality are based on the application of the rich Vedic wisdom tradition and Yoga-philosophy to one’s life. These are highly experiential, deeply engaging and enriching programs. These programs include evening get-togethers, weekend programs, longer in-journeys and immersion-retreats, including silence-retreats.

Pawan Kumar Mishra is the key resource for Astroshree. He is the key consultant and guide for all the services mentioned here. We do engage other resources for programs as and when necessary.