Day 43 / Doha 3

(Began : July 16, Guru Purnima
Concluded : Sep 12, Ananta Chaturdashi)

pavan tanay sankat haran mangal murati roop
raam lakhan sitaa sahit hridaya basehu sur bhoop

Oh my Breath!
Oh Dispeller of Sufferings!
Oh Auspicious Abundance!
Oh Sovereign of Senses!
Oh Inseparable from the triune of Shri Sitaa- Raam- Lakshmana!
Oh Hanuman!
Dwell in my heart forever,
Enfragnating my being forever,
with Your presence!


My inner pilgrimage has traversed the Path from my selfie, the outermost point of my personality, to my Self. the inner most point of my Being. This journey has been from ‘a selfie to the Self’.

Doha: 3

From ‘ becomming’ I have finally arrived at ‘being’ –
beauty and beatitude,
blessings and bliss

(These 43 posts were reflections as Selflogue on Shri Hanuman Chalisa. Thank you for joining me in this brief journey. I shall be glad to receive your insights and queries, if any. I conclude this series of posts here, with my prayers and love for us all).