Day 42 / Verse 40

tulsidaas sadaa hari cheraa
kijai naath hriday manh deraa

Tulsidas( the poet of this hymn) declares that he is eternally in the service of Hari ( God, Universe) and prays that Shri Hanuman may please dwell in his heart. ( It can be also read as, Tulsidas seeking to live in Shri Hanuman’s heart)!

Recap :

I have made an inner journey, guided by Shri Hanuman Chalisa. Each and everyone, indeed, anyone (jo) is invited to make a similar journey following Shri Hanuman and each shall experience the same arrival into liberation from all forms of suffering, undiminishing joy, abundance, and a perfection (siddh) which perfectly accepts and includes every imperfection!

Verse 40:
My inner journey has brought me home ( dera) into the heart of Shri Hanuman. I live in His heart, just as He dwells in my heart. He is my Breath, I am His fragrance.