Day 38 / Verse 36

sankat katai mitai sab pira
jo sumirai hanumat balbira

Difficulties and sufferings are erased for the one who is in constant awareness of the seed-syllable mantra of Shri Hanuman.
( This mantra is the phoneme “Hammm”. This is same as the sound of our exhaling breath. Here, unbroken awareness of one’s breath is being indicated in this verse).

Recap :
During the journey of my life, I have learnt to gain all joys and successes through the constant remembrance of Shri Hanuman.

Verse 36:
And all my difficulties and sufferings are dissolved through the unbroken constant awareness on my exhaling breath. Such an awareness is known as sumiran ( or smaran, in Sanskrit). Such an unbroken sumiran awakens in me the Sumiran-Samurai – one who resolves all challenges through a subtle shift in awareness.