Day 37 / Verse 35

aur devataa chitt na dharai
hanumat sei sarb sukh karai

There is now no need to seek from any other forms of the Divine. In Hanuman, one shall find all the joys of life.


I reflect upon my life. I have lived a life of kinetic wisdom, I have expressed my learning into my words and actions. I have lived to love all and serve all. I have now reflected upon the final moment of my departure from earth. This moment, known as death. I have lived. And I am ready to leave consciously, when that moment arrives – now or anytime.

Verse 35:
There is no need to seek and beg from the varied forms of Divinity. They are not different entities that I run from one to the other. All these names and forms belong to the very same and singular Supreme Being. Shri Hanuman is the most accessible point to this Supreme Being. All my prayers are answered, all my said and unsaid needs are fulfilled and my chalet is filled over the brim with joy by Shri Hanuman.