Day 36 / Verse 34

(Last one week remaining)!

anta kaal raghuvar-pur jayi

At the final moment on earth, one goes to the realm of Light, after dropping one’s body.

Recap :
My inner journey has brought me to the point of shared joy. As I stay in continuous adoration of the Supreme Being, all the painful memories, impressions and latencies ( sanskaar) that my mind gathered over all my past lifetimes, get erased. I am thus set free to bloom into a space filled with love, light and joy.

Verse 34:
I am nearing the end of my journey on Earth. This station is also known as Death. I have to surrender the car I had got on free lease when I was ‘born’ on Earth. This car, also known as the human body, needs to be parked at this station. If I wish, usable parts of my body-car can be given to other body-cars as spare parts so that their journey on Earth continues.

Beyond this station, I continue my journey into the realm of Light, Raghuvar-pur. Just as the light of a lamp dissolves into the light of the Sun, I also dissolve like a wave of Light into the Ocean of Light.

(The Gita, Verse 17.23)