Day 35 / Verse 33

tumhare bhajan raam ko paavai
janam janam ke dukh bisraavai

Adoring You, I resonate with Shri Raam. And thus, all the dissonance in the form of sufferings held as memories from lifetimes after lifetimes, get totally erased.

I am a GIVER. I merely serve Mother Earth with all Her beings. I share the elixir in the form of Raama, the Supreme Resonance that pervades all.

Verse 33 :
Darkness has no ‘existence’, it is only an absence of light. Even a small candle can erase millions of years of darkness in a cave. Similarly, suffering has no ‘existence’, it is only an absence of deep resonance. Once resonance is re-established, suffering disappears. In truly adoring Shri Hanuman by absorbing and living His values, I am experiencing my inner resonance with Shri Raam, the Supreme Resonance. ( Thus, all dissonance has disappeared from me, with it, all sufferings have faded away).