Day 34 / Verse 32

(This verse is a continuation of the previous verse 31. It is again dedicated to our Mother Earth).

raam rasaayan tumhari paasaa
sadaa raho raghupati ke daasaa

Shri Sita, Mother Earth, blessed You with another boon – that You may hold the elixir named ‘Raama’ and forever be in the service of the Light ( raghupati).

(You = Shri Hanuman)

Recap :
I am blessed with the boon to be a Giver.

Verse 32:

I am enriched and entrusted with yet another boon – to serve. Read together with the previous verse 31, I hold two responsibilities as boons of which I am a mere medium to manifest – to GIVE LOVE and to SERVE the LIGHT, letting the elixir heal every being and my planet, Mother Earth.