Day 33 / Verse 31

( This verse is dedicated to our Mother Earth. The Amazon rain forests are burning, now for over 3 weeks. Our lungs are on fire. May we all wake-up together and direct our collective healing energy towards our Mother and ourselves. Thank you Nithya Shanti Bhai for the gift of your meditation this morning).

ashta siddhi nau nidhi ke daataa
asa var deen jaanaki maataa

Sri Sita ji, also known as Jaanki Maataa or Mother Earth, blessed You. She made You the giver of the eight perfections ( ashta siddhi) and the nine treasures ( nau nidhi).

(You = Shri Hanuman )

I am thus committed to the mission of nurturing goodness as well as transforming destructive mindsets into positive resources.

Verse 31

Mother Earth blesses me with the boon of becoming a GIVER ( or dispenser) of perfections and treasures. And NOT a TAKER ( or consumer) of the precious treasures in the form of earth-resources or destroyer / manipulator of the delicate balance of life on our planet. May I remember the boon I have so received from my Mother Earth – to be a GIVER of all the gifts I am blessed with, sharing it with all, enriching other lives with joy.