Day 32 / Verse 30

Tonight is being celebrated as Sri Krishna Janamashtmi – the Advent Day of Sri Krishna! Greetings to all! Jai Sri Krishna!

saadhu sant ke tum rakhwaare
asur nikandan raam dulaare

You nurture and protect the good and the virtuous. You transform and thus annihilate those who are demoniac by nature.

At the deepest in-point of my awareness, I experienced the expanded and an all-inclusive Reality, beyond space ( jagat) and time (jug).

Verse 30
My mission statement is stated here – nurture the goodness within myself and all others. Transform the demoniac attributes in myself and help others in doing so. Goodness is expressed as unconditional giving, including love, compassion and empathy. Demoniac attributes include unending consumption including mindless pursuit of sensual gratification, pleasure, hoarding of wealth, objects, properties, without regard to others, in fact, at the cost of severe hurt and damage to people, other living beings and Mother Earth.

This echoes the mission statement of Sri Krishna as declared in the Gita ( verse 5.8) :
paritranaya saadhunaam vinaashaaya cha dushkritam