Modi- Grace of Mother Divine!

Sri Narendraji Modi swears in as the PM today. This is as if in answer to the unbroken, 24 X 7, chanting of the Durga saptasati at our temple of Sri Voda Mahadev, which has been carried out since April 14, 2008 with the core intent of creating a shift in consciousness towards the Truth- Ritambhara Pragya. Our leader embodies our collective aspiration for progress through truth, transparency.

We are celebrating his taking oath by offering rudraabhishekam on Soma- pradosha day today. We pray for grace to pour upon us in the form of clean governance, “Su-raaj“, as Sri Modi calls it and that each of us become the crusaders of growth- “vikaas ke sipaahi“. We also hope that Sri Modi someday visits our  shrine where prayers as that of the wings of a butterfly, created a domino storm that he rode into power. Ma bless us all!


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