Sadhuwan Foundation welcomes members in the following categories:


Shri Shiv Ratna : Intensely Woven with Ma                                           Rs. 11,11,111
Rundraksha : Only 108 members on first–come basis                      Rs. 1,25,000
Vishwakarma : One who will build in part or full, any structure       Variable
Pushpan : Restricted to 1008 members on first-come basis           Rs. 11,000
Ajapa : Donors who prefer to remain anonymous                               As inspired
Vahaka : Those who prefer to donate on monthly basis                   As inspired

Shri-Shiv Ratna, Rudraksha and Vishwa Karma members will be individually named in all pooja-sankalpa at the SVB-Peetha, for life. All members will receive Prasada of special pooja rituals performed, by post. All members will get preference in making use of various facilities at the Sadhuwan Center.

Shri-Shiv Ratna, members will be blessed with special Anushthans for life.  Payments can be made by cheque or demand draft in favour of “Sadhuwan Foundation”.  Money can be directly transferred to Current Account number 4421 at Central Bank, Branch Sector 15A, Noida – 201301, (UP) INDIA. Cash payments can be made to any of the trustees / governors of Sadhuwan Foudation. Donors can choose to pay the vendors directly too.

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