Sadhuwan Center is a sprawling 2 acre land located in Noida, near New Delhi. The land has an old temple dedicated to Shri Voda Mahadeva, the presiding deity of the Voda clan. Mythology places the Vodas to be the descendants of the Nagas, the Celestial Serpents. Mansa Devi, their Mother, is worshipped in a famous temple located on a hill in Haridwar.

Another mythological reference is derived from the Rig Veda which mentions the ashram of Rishi Vaisravana, son of Lord Brahma, at the bank of river Hiranya. The river was later known as Har Nandi which is now called Hindon. His son, Kubera, the Celestial Keeper of Wealth, was born here. Lord Kubera performed intense penance at this aahram.

This area finds mention in an ancient Sanskrit text named Brahma Vansha Vistaar, translated by Shri Sahajanand Saraswati. This site is mentioned here as the ashram of Rishi Parashurama, being located between the rivers Yamuna and Har Nandi. Currently, both the rivers have shifted their course by about 3kms. The presiding Shankaracharya of Joshi Math visited this temple in 1972.

There is an idol of Shri Nandi Deva, the Celestial Bull-Bearer of Shri Mahadeva Shiva. It is dated aroun 14th century AD. There was dwelling with basement which was used for occult practices by vagrant sadhus. The building has been restored as a Shrine of Universal Love (Soul) where Mother Goddess is being consecrated.



SVB-Peetha will be the abode of Mother Goddess Shri Vidya, well known as Maa Durga. She is also known as Maha Lakshmi or Lalita-Tripurasundari.

Shri – Means that which makes one great.
Vidya – means wisdom
Bhava– means emotions or “from the heart”
Peetha– means the base or adobe or dwelling.

Shri Vidya is the Wisdom Form of Mother Goddess. This is the highest form of the Devi worshipped in the Himalayan Tradition.

Bhava Peetha means the “Emotional Abode of Wisdom” or the “Heart-Dwelling”

The shrine is made in shape of a hollow Shiva Lingam. At the basement or the Root Chakra of Shiva, there is a meditation room called the Hiranaya Garbha – the Golden Womb.

At the Heart Chakra level, the Soul of Shiva and His Eternal Consort, Ma Shri Vidya, will be consecrated. The celebratory idol (utsava murti) will be in the form of a Shri Yantra, which will be worshipped with ritual ablutions, daily. The main idol will be in form of Lalita Tripurasundari-the Playful Beauty.

The dome of the temple is planned in form of Shri Yantra.

Scientifically, the oblong shape as in a Shiva Lingam is a powerful energy generator and its repository. All nuclear reactors are shaped in that form. So are all missiles and missile launchers. Oblong shape also symbolically represents the Cosmic Egg- the Cauldron of creation that cracked the Big Bang! That portion of the Shiva Linga which is below the ground represents the un-manifest Universe. The portion above the ground represents the entire manifest Universe.

Worship and meditation in such a shrine brings about powerful karmic transformation and enhancement of positive energy for individuals as well as humanity in general.



Prana pratishtha or “installation of life force” in to the idol of Ma Lalita Tripurasundar was done in the Chaitra Navarata. It is a very sacred ceremony in which the presence of the Divine Mother is invoked. She is invited to fill Her idol with Herself and dwell in the humble peetha She is consecrated upon. All other accompanying deities are also similarly invoked and consecrated. They include Shiva Himself, Vishnu, Brahma, Ishana, Ganesha and Kaal Bhairava. Apart from the above deities, the global of the Divine Mother will also be consecrated in their respective traditions.

In the Devi-tradition, The Divine Mother primarily manifests as the Ten Wisdom Goddesses. It is planned that the consecration of Ma will be done by tem women, representing the Ten Wisdom Goddesses, the Dasa Mahavidyas.

Consecration comprised Sahastra Chandi Maha Yagya where in 1008 chants of the Durga saptasati were done along with other Mahapuja ceremonies. This is an extremely powerful yagya, seldom performed due to its size of rituals and complexities.



24×7 x 365 Ahoratri  chanting of the Durga Saptasati will be performed by dedicated pundits followed by daily agnihotra havan, oblations into the energisation is the fulfilment of legitimate desires of seekers / devotees who visit the shrine. Pooja and rituals offered to the Goddess will be in the purest of the agama tradition. It is planned to web-cast the chanting of Durga Saptasati 24×7.
Web-based pooja offering is also planned.



This will be a meditation cave made in the basement, under the feet of Ma Shree Vidya. Seekers will meditate here in stillness and silence.

Serious seekers desiring to stay for spiritual practice will be provided meditation huts called parna kutir, made of mud, leaves and bamboo amidst tulasi hedges.

CENTRE OF LEARNINGThis will house a library of books, journals, audio CDs, DVDs on the subjects of spirituality, philosophy, metaphysics and self-development. It will have a knowledge pool of all known spiritual and religious traditions of the world and modern scientific research on the subject. Research on comparative religion and spiritual-philosophical traditions will be carried out. The will bring of all religions and practices across the world. Research will be done on benefits of application of spirituality in daily life.


CENTRE OF WELLNESSThis will be a facility for enabling healing through Ayurveda and nature cure. Plants with curative will be grown in a herb garden.

SHRI KUND – NAVAGRAHA VANA – YANTRA VATIKAA lake is planned at the entrance to Sadhuwan Center with steps around the banks for meditation. Trees representing the Vedic Plants & Constellations will be planted. A unique garden in the form of Shri Shiv-Shakti Yantra has been created.

Inspiration & Spiritual Guide
Mahamandaleshwar Swami Veda Bharati (D. Litt, Netherlands), disciple of Swami Rama of the Himalayas, has spent over 62 years in teaching meditation and imparting spiritual guidance around the world. He started teaching since the age of 14 years. His teachings include all traditions of the world religions. He speaks in 6 languages and understands 17 languages with varying degrees of fluency. He has authored several books, and has over four thousand hours of recorded tapes of his discourses.

The State of Inclusive Opulence
SVB is a state of consciousness which is all inclusive, positive and abundance rich. Every sound wave or form of light is Shakti Herself manifesting Shiva. Be it Hunger and thirst and their satiation, be it sleep or peace or faith or beauty, every shred of experience and emotion, physical situation or mental manifestation is nothing but a Wave of Her Beauty – Saundarya Lahiri. To enable individuals reach and dwell in this state of SVB is the spiritual mission of Sadhuwan Foundation.

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