Planets do not control our lives. They only reflect our karmic script as Cosmic Mirrors.

Our lives are governed by the law of karma (deeds). We experience the consequences of the choices we make, whether in this life-time or in the past, whether consciously or otherwise. An aggregate of such immutable consequences is called destiny. What we meet in life is destiny, How we meet it is free-will. There on, new choices are made and relevant consequences unfold.

The birth horoscope represents the opening balance of karma at the time of birth as brought forward from our past lifetime into the current lifetime. The horary horoscope, calculated at the moment of meeting the native, represents the additional karma accrued during this lifetime. Taken into account together, along with an understanding of the psycho-somatic-social position of the native, a road map for the future is foreseen.

Understanding why we are going through what we are going through helps the process of taking a self-inventory through deep introspection leading to acceptance and change. An astrologer can only predict the oncoming events. If he is qualified enough, he or she can also guide a person through those events.

Depending upon individual faith and belief system, astro-spiritual remedies including gems and mantras are also advised to enhance positive energy and help achieve ones lifes objectives. Such remedies work only as an umbrella when going out in the rains. We all know the difference between getting drenched in the rain and having just or only an umbrella.

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