Day 40 / Verse 38

jo sat baar paath kar koi
chhutehi bandi maha sukh hoi

Whoever studies this hymn absorbing it’s true essence, achieves liberation and becomes the eternal Bliss.

I flow in the abundance of Grace! Only a joyful awareness prevails!

Verse 38:
All bondages are dropped – all the delimitations created by conditionalities, lifetimes of memories, clotted ego leading to likes, dislikes and fear. I am released into and become one with supreme Bliss, maha sukh, or ananda!

And, this is possible for anyone, ‘jo’, who wishes to undertake this inner journey. Anyone, without any limitation of gender, caste, orientation, religion, belief, education, morality, socio-cultural background, etc.,can arrive at this state of maha-sukh or infinite Bliss, through an engaged study and sincere practice of Shri Hanuman Chalisa.